JBL On Stage Micro iPod Music Dock

It’s not much bigger than an iPodUniversal Dock, and is AC- or battery-powered, so it can go with you anywhere. And it delivers legendary JBL audio performance. As a stand-alone iPod music system, JBL On Stage Micro fills your room with accurate, full-spectrum sound. Connected to your computer, it upgrades your speakers, keeps your iPod in sync and frees up a ton of desk space. Never before has something so small been quite so entertaining.


JBL On Stage Micro incorporates the Apple iPod Universal Dock adapter and is compatible with most docking versions of iPod, including nano and 5G versions. A stereo mini jack connection also allows you to enjoy high-quality audio from a variety of other devices such as MP3 and CD players, desktop computers and laptops (all platforms).

Easy-to-use touch-controls

Touch volume control just a touch increases or decrease the volume. A touch on both pads mutes or un-mutes the system. JBL On Stage Micro also remembers your last volume setting even after the system shuts down.

Full-navigation remote

The IR remote control provides full access to your iPod so you can easily change tracks, browse libraries, adjust settings, and scroll through extras.

Additional features

  • OnePoint design: the OnePoint iPod connectors provide the connection to your computer. Connect the standard iPod cable to the back of the JBL On Stage Micro, and every time you dock your iPod, you will have a connection for synchronizing.
  • Advanced technology: the JBL On Stage Micro combines many proprietary technologies to provide the highest quality sound and playing time. The JBL On Stage Micro will provide astonishing bass and clear accurate sound from a pocket sized system.
  • Digital Amplifier Technology: the Class D digital amplifiers provide clean, powerful sound while extending battery life.
  • Odyssey Transducers: the two aluminum domed transducers are driven by powerful Neodymium magnets. This design provides a full rich frequency response from the lowest bass to the highest highs.
  • COE (Computer Optimized Equalization): the JBL On Stage Micro system equalization was computer optimized to provide a rich, complete sound stage.
  • AEMS (Advanced Energy Management System): the JBL On Stage Micro system has an automatic battery saving shutoff. The AEMS will automatically put the system into sleep mode when the cover is closed or whenthere is no audio input. JBL On Stage Micro awakens with just a touch and resumes at the same volume level when the cover is opened or the input resumes.
  • Battery powered: the JBL On Stage Micro is designed to use most types of AAA batteries. Four fresh AAA batteries provide over 24 hours of continuous play at normal to high listening levels. An amber LED flashes when the battery protection circuit senses the batteries are low. JBL encourages the use of rechargeable types of batteries (i.e. NiMH and Lithium). These batteries reduce waste and help the environment.


The JBL On Stage Micro iPod Music Dock has an RRP of $174.95.

Source: JBL