Jelly Belly makes your iPhone tasty, but just don’t eat it

It turns out that you don’t need an Android to enjoy the love of Jelly Beans, with one of the world’s most popular makers of jelly beans releasing a unique smartphone case that smells better than the rest of them.

Rather than stick with the fragrance of plastic, Jelly Belly smartphone cases deliver the smell of some of its most popular flavours, while slapping that colour over your smartphone.

“Jelly Belly is a global icon and has formed a recognisable part of Australian pop-culture,” said Matthew Smith, Director of TechCetera, the company bringing the cases into Australia.

“Despite being a favourite of children and teenagers the world over, adults are also no strangers to the feelings of nostalgia created by Jelly Belly.”

TechCetera hopes to capitalise on that feeling with the Jelly Belly scented cases, a form of protection for smartphones made of durable rubber that smells nice.

Jelly Belly varieties that you can cover your phone with include bubble gum, blueberry, grape, cherry, blackberry, and strawberry cheesecake, with the cases available for the Apple iPhone 4/4S and Samsung Galaxy S3, and iPhone 5 cases coming later this month.

Two of them popped up at GadgetGuy this week – blueberry and bubble gum – and they sure smell like the taste of the real thing.

We wouldn’t suggest eating them, mind you, as they’re not real jelly beans, but the cases do come with a small 10g pack of Jelly Beans, which should keep your taste buds happy for a few minutes.

Jelly Belly says the cases should keep their smell for months, not years, so don’t expect to come back a year from now and find your case still smelling of roses, or at the very least, cherries.

Regardless, if these cases sound like the best case scenario for you, these should be hitting retail later this week, where they will sell for $25.