Joby straps a camera to your body with an ergo accessory

The company behind the famous segmented Gorilla Pod – the tripod with lots of little sections that can grip to nearly any surface – is trying its hand at coming up with another camera accessory, this one conforming to your body to make photographic gear not only easier to carry and safer for your health, but to lessen any extra damage coming from the shaking or bumping other camera straps have when they’re too loose.

“Through rigorous testing with pro photographers, we’ve designed straps that make the camera feel lighter and conveniently accessible for hours,” said Michael Jue, Joby’s Director of Product Development.

Two versions are available, with a male and a female version optimised slightly differently for each gender. The strap’s build featuring a pivoting ring that sits in an ergonomic position and hugs the body to distribute the weight of the camera appropriately, with foam pads on the strap increasing comfort considerably.

When the camera isn’t in use, and is held next to your body, Joby’s “SpeedCinch” holds the camera close, minimising risk from hitting things with it, up until you need to use it when the strap loosens enough for you to pull it close to your eye and fire a few shots.

The straps will hit camera and electronic stores in November for $54.95 RRP, which might seem like a lot for a camera strap, especially when you think that your camera comes with a strap.

Still, if you use your cameras often, and have noticed they’re heavy, Joby’s strap could be a lifesaver, and joins countless higher grade straps already on the market, ranging from $30 to $100 from brands such as Lowepro, Crumpler, Op/Tech, and Black Rapid.