Jumbo sized front loader from Maytag

Maytag has just announced an industry first – a jumbo 8.5 kg front load washing machine, part of a new laundry collection featuring microban anti mildew protection, which safeguards the detergent drawer and button trap from mildew, thanks to mildew repelling materials.

All models in the new range, available this month, feature IntelliSense technology, helping users select the best fabric care for their washload, while carefully using the least amount of energy and water possible. Drums also have a reassuring lifetime warranty, for extra peace of mind for your laundry investment. You can also buy a 7.5 kg version for $300 less than the 8.5 kg model.

Maytag’s 8.5 kg MAF8512AAW ($1,899 RRP), pictured below, features:

  • An 8.5 kg drum – jumbo size for big washloads – in a compact 559 x 600 mm footprint – the same size as a 6.5 kg and 7.5 kg Maytag washer
  • Sports wash option – which has a pre-wash cycle specifically targeting soiled and/or sweaty sportswear made from cotton jersey or microfibres (NB you need to add detergent to the pre-wash chamber)
  • A 4 Star WELS water rating for keeping water use downÂ
  • An LCD display for monitoring the wash cycle
  • Gentle rise and spin, which is ideal for delicate clothing itemsÂ
  • Super Eco Wash (saves on water)
  • Electronic child lock for safety and peace of mindÂ