The JVC GZ-MC200 is the second of the initial JVC Everio 4 Gb MicroDrive based camcorders, and is classified by JVC as a ‘pro-style’ to differentiate it from the MC100 in terms of its marketing position. The bodies of the two differ, with a main differentiation being a rotating grip on the MC200 which has a cube shaped body rather than a ‘traditional’ camcorder body enjoyed by the MC100. This rotating grip allows the camcorder to be used in angles other than square on to the eye.

A large dial on the left of the body is used to select various functions such as playback / record, and a mode button in the centre activates other functionality. All controls are positioned so they naturally fall into your fingers.

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Menu navigation system, fast USB 2.0 support, excellent imaging.
Hard to hold because of no strap, only supports 4:3 mode, cost of extra MicroDrives.