Kaiser Baas brings Near Field Audio’s wireless device amplification to Australia

At CES this year, we got to see something very cool: an audio technology that let you turn up your iPhone without wires or complicated setup. Now, we’re finding out that this tech will be hitting Australia shortly.

This technology is called “Near Field Audio,” and from what we understand, allows audio to be grabbed and used in devices with magnets, taking the audio from the speaker in the original device – say a smartphone – and then amplified in Near Field Audio equipped speaker.

Americans have seen this technology badged under a few names, but the one which seemed to grab the most attention at the Consumer Electronics Show this year was being marketed by RCA under the “SoundFlow” name.

In Australia, Kaiser Baas is bringing the technology to a small speaker called the “Contact,” which we’re told uses a similar version of the technology.

Near Field Audio: no wires needed to turn the volume up, though you'll still need to plug in your charger if your battery needs juice.

It’s unlikely to beat the quality of audio one can get over a 3.5mm jack or even Bluetooth, but from the demonstrations we saw of the technology in Las Vegas, Near Field Audio provides one of the easiest ways for anyone to make their device’s music louder while cutting the cable in the process.

The Kaiser Baas Contact (below) should be heading to retailers in the next few weeks for a recommended retail price of $59.95.