Kaiser Baas to take on DJI with a camera-carrying drone

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Quadcopters and their drone siblings are often seen as little more than toys, and it’s an area smaller companies not known for making drones don’t compete well in, but Kaiser Baas is still going to give it a good thwack.

This week, the company has announced that it will have a GoPro-carrying drone heading to store shelves, and the good news is that it’ll even be in stores very, very shortly.


Called the “Delta Drone”, this is a slightly different take on the company’s “Alpha Drone” models, because while the older drone had a camera built in, the new model allows you to bring your own action camera to the table.

Essentially, this makes the Kaiser Baas Delta Drone built to handle the GoPro series of cameras, though given there’s a GoPro mount being used, it can also be used for a number of other cameras, including at least one made by Kaiser Baas.


As for the actual specs, you’ll find the remote control of the Delta Drone able to go out to 400 metres with a pre-programmed geofence set to 300 metres, stopping the drone from flying so far that you can’t see it anymore.

A connection to the global positioning system will keep the Delta locked in altitude with a hover, and the GPS lock also assists with a return to home function to send it right back into your arms.

Battery life on the Kaiser Baas Delta Drone is set to around 17 minutes, and that’s a maximum, so make sure you get your video done around 15 for safety.


Pricing for the Kaiser Baas Delta Drone appears to be interesting, with an RRP set to $599, while extra batteries arrive at $69.95. You’ll find this drone in Harvey Norman stores nationally, and from what we hear, you’ll even find it very soon, possibly even this weekend.