Kambrook gets in the soup mood with a simple solution

The temperatures are getting colder and that means its time for food that makes us feel warm inside. Soup is probably one of the easiest things to do just that, outside of macaroni and cheese, and while we all wait for an appliance for that last food, Kambrook has come up with one for soup.

With a name like “Soup Simple,” you’d expect the operation to be easy, and that’s just what Kambrook is going for with this product.

Designed for soups, but also able to be used with desserts and even baby food, the Soup Simple features a stainless steel blade connected to a motor in the top section, with the option for blend or pulse controlling it, and a heated element inside the jug to create warm concoctions like soup or stews.

From what we can tell, this is similar to an appliance we checked out a few years ago from Morphy Richards which promised an easier way of making soup than the traditional way of boiling in a saucepan for a while and blending the remains.

The design of Kambrook’s is certainly similar, with what appears to be a heating element at the bottom, and a small stirring and blending piece at the top, likely able to cut veggies up as they get softer inside the appliance.

One thing is different (aside for the brand), and that’s the price, with the Soup Simple hitting retailers in the next few weeks for $99.95 RRP.