Kambrook improves its portable pizza producer

Here at GadgetGuy, everyone around the office keeps asking the reviews department to make a pizza or two, but if like them, you haven’t discovered how easy it is to make this food, Kambrook has built a solution that makes it hard to fail.

Cooking can be hard for many people, but for some meals, it’s all in the cooking process where we fall over and fail, resorting to the fool-proof plan of ordering pizza.

An updated appliance from Kambrook, the revision features a bigger viewing window to watch over the pizza as it cooks and rotates, a 30 minute auto-off timer to switch the miniature oven off when you’re too busy eating your results, and two pizza paddles to help you look and feel professional.

As for the stone, that’s a 12 inch ceramic plate which Kambrook says will draw moisture out of the dough and work together with both top and bottom heating elements to make the pizza crispy and your topics cooked.

Pricing for the Kambrook Rotating Stone Pizza Oven (KPZ200) comes in with a recommended retail price of $79.95, and keen pizza makers can find it in stores now.