Kambrook to churn through fibre with speedy smoothie maker

The portable blender world is now in full swing, or full blend, anyway, and the sister company of Breville is keen to show budget brands who’s boss.

That might be ironic, especially when you consider that Kambrook’s sibling brand of Breville has a blender called “The Boss”, but given it carries a thousand dollar price, it’s not remotely in the same category as what we’re seeing today.


Rather, the $99 BlitzPro lists at a tenth the cost of its cousin, and arrives with two 700ml containers and one 350ml cups to lend you blend and churn and dice and slice fruit and veggies and nuts until they turn into something slick and smooth, but it also arrives with two 600ml Blitz2Go bottles, essentially making it not just a blender, but part of the smoothie blender craze.

Making this work is an 800 watt motor using painless steel blades, which we’re told should be good for cutting through ice and fibre, storing it in one of the five containers the Blitz ships with.


As for what you can do, expect nut butters, coffee bean grinding, cheese dicing, and soup making, not to mention the drinks and sauces a blender can normally handle, too.

Pricing on this one is set to $99.95, and you’ll find Kambrook’s BlitzPro blender in stores now.