Kambrook warms up homes with both small and tall

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While some places in Australia appear to be having a late start to the colder months, the cool air is likely still coming, and so if you’re in need of something to keep you from shaking while your teeth chatter, Kambrook has two newbies heading to shelves shortly.

The first of these is small, with the KFH660, a smallish fan heater that provides 2400 watts and provides two heat settings, as well as one just for the fan, in case you made everything too warm or you decide to get it out during the warmer months.

A tall heater is also available, found in the form of Kambrook’s KCE340, a 2000W tower heater that can monitor its own heat and provide warmth that is also apparently energy efficient.

It’s one of the few heaters that also comes with a remote control as well as an LCD display to let you see what setting you’ve left it on, and control it from afar. A timer is built in, with the fan able to be set to as many as eight hours, with oscillation an option, as well.

Pricing for Kambrook’s heaters come in at $49.95 for the little one (KFH660) and $119.95 for the tall one (KCF340), with availability about now, or when you start to feel the cold most.