Kaspersky adopts two year policy, goes for jugular on ransomware

We all know we need internet security, and yet people still need convincing. Kaspersky has come up with a neat way to do just that, making its licenses run for two years and attacking a relatively popular form of security invasion.

The first of the new crop of security apps to grace computers that we’ve seen this year, Kaspersky’s version for 2014 – yes, we’re looking at that right now, seeing as we’re halfway through 2013 – brings antivirus and internet security together with performance and stability increases aimed at making the security application better.

While new forms of malware and infections are always being rolled out to the software, Kaspersky is now targeting scams designed to take money from your wallet, in a focused area called “ransomware.”

This area of scamming effectively stops you from using parts of your computer unless you pay for the privilege, forcing you to negotiate with cybercriminals.

“We’re determined to empower users against the surge in ransomware, such as the most recent ‘MoneyPak’ scams using Australian Federal Police messaging,” said Kaspersky’s Sam Bryce-Johnson, Technical Manager for Kaspersky in Australia and New Zealand.

Parental control features are also included in the package, allowing parents to set the amount of time kids stay online and what websites they can use, while Kaspersky’s “Safe Money” feature adds more protection for when you’re buying more things online.

There’s also the inclusion of a two year licence, something which is normally set to one year on most other security companies.

Kaspersky’s 2014 edition software is available this week from retailer across the country from $49.