Keep a clean screen with Belkin’s Pure AV display cleaner

By Anika Hillery

Today’s flat panel TV screens are treated to reduce reflections and static, and to help enhance contrast. These delicate coatings can be damaged by household cleaners – which SHOULD NEVER BE USED TO CLEAN YOUR LCD OR PLASMA – especially those containing ammonia and alcohol.

Developed specifically for the purpose, Belkin’s Pure AV display cleaner is a low viscosity, gel-based formula that stays precisely where you spray it until you wipe it off, according to the company, thereby reducing the risk of damage to your equipment caused by overspray and dripping.

And unlike household-grade cleaners, the Pure AV cleaner won’t leave streaks on your display screen. And with the PureAV display cleaner, Belkin reckons you’ll clean even less often, the gel’s anti-static formula assisting to reduce the amount of airborne dust and grime that is attracted to most of the screen.


The 200 ml bottle comes with a large micro-fibre cloth for a scratch-free clean and costs $79.95.