Things are finally heating up again as we head into summer. So how to keep cool? Evapolar has a very personal solution: the evaSMART EV-3000 intelligent personal air conditioner.

This is designed to cool a local area, while drawing very little power. And it can be controlled from an app – Android and iOS supported – because it connects to WiFi. It works with the Amazon Alexa smart home ecosystem, and with updates under development, will also work with Apple Home Kit, Google Home and Samsung Smarter Things.

There are two main principles of operation for home air conditioning. One involves pumping heat away from the area you want cooled. The other involves using heat to evaporate water, thereby lowering the temperature of the air from which the heat was extracted.


The first means pipes. That heat has to be pumped somewhere: outdoors usually. The evaporative system doesn’t need that, allowing for a more self-contained unit. Except that you need to add water.

Those of a certain age group may remember evaporative air coolers from the past. Large boxes, usually on a pedestal and wheels, with the water being dripped over a straw matting through which the air was drawn. Aside from being chunky and noisy, they tended to get musty after a while as micro-organisms settled into the welcomingly damp and warm environment of that straw.

It seems that this problem has been avoided in the evaSMART EV-3000 by the use of replaceable cartridges to holding the material through which the heat transfer from air to water takes place.

Evapolar says that it has developed a “unique patented mineral nanomaterial” called EvaBreeze for use in its cartridges. It says that the evaSMART evaporative pads “absorb one hundred times more water than the materials used within conventional evaporative air coolers available today” and that this “enables a much higher level of cooling power compared with bulky evaporative air cons and all contained within a small, portable unit.”