Keeping apace with storing your digital life


With people?s desire to enter a colorful new digital world, the multimedia application in 3C products and mobile devices become more and more popular. Nowadays, you can enjoy abundant features such as videos, pictures, MP3 music, movies, Java games, emails or other multimedia functions at any time, anywhere, all you need is an advanced hand-held devices. This trend is stimulating the storage capacity of mobile memory cards. Apacer Technology Inc., a global leader in memory module and digital storage, announce today the SD2.0 (SD High Capacity) compliant miniSDHC 4GB memory card. The new SD2.0 specification has the prescribed specifications of SD cards with a capacity range from 4-32GB. The innovation of Apacer miniSDHC 4GB memory card marks its entry into the era of high-capacity mobile memory cards.

Apacer miniSDHC 4GB memory card contains all the features and performances of a standard SDHC memory card at a smaller size, perfect fit into the slim and lightweight mobile device. The super high-capacity of 4GB can meet your needs for mass storage anywhere and anytime, and can store about 1024 songs in MP3 format, over 1200 high-resolution pictures, or 17 hours of movie files (MPEG4). Together with the standard SD card adaptor, the Apacer miniSDHC 4GB memory card supports any equipment using SD2.0 memory cards, such as Nikon 80D, Casio Exilm-Z1000/Z600/S600, and Panasonic DMC-L1 digital cameras and Panasonic SDR-S200 digital video cameras. As the total solution of high-capacity storage for upcoming advanced digital cameras, PDA, MP3 players and mobile phones, the Apacer miniSDHC 4GB memory card will allow you to explore the wonders of a digital mobile life!

In addition to the super high-capacity with excellent performance, Apacer miniSDHC 4GB is equipped with the Error Correcting Code (ECC) feature that automatically detects and corrects errors. By enhancing the average use of each memory block on the card, the exclusive Apacer Wear Leveling Technology greatly extends the life of the product. Apacer Technology insists on using original factory chips for all memory products and lead-free processes following the RoHS directive to ensure excellent performance and environmental protection.

Source: Apacer