Keeping you warm this winter – Sunbeam’s electric blankets range

For the ultimate winter indulgence, curl up in bed with Sunbeam’s innovative Safe & Sound range of electric blankets – Australia’s favourite range. Each one features Sunbeam’s exclusive SleepPerfect Technology, which senses changes in room and body temperature and adjusts to maintain your selected heat setting. So no matter how cold it gets, SleepPerfect Technology ensures your comfort level is just right for a perfect night’s sleep.

Boasting superior comfort and safety, Sunbeam’s Safe & Sound electric blankets are also easy to care for. Detachable controls and waterproof elements make them safe for washing by hand or machine. They can even be tumble dried.

Sunbeam Safe & Sound Fitted

Just like a fitted sheet, the Safe & Sound Fitted electric blanket has a strong elastic cord that ensures it hugs the mattress and stays firmly in place throughout the night. Featuring Sunbeam’s exclusive SleepPerfect Technology, nine heat settings and two timer settings, and 50 cm deep sides to fit even the deepest mattress, this popular design means making the bed is quick and easy.

  • Large Single BL3421, RRP $99.95
  • King Single BL3431, RRP $119.00
  • Double BL3441, RRP $159.00
  • Queen BL3451, RRP $169.00
  • King BL3471, RRP $199.00

Sunbeam Safe & Sound Quilted

Sunbeam Safe & Sound Quilted Electric BlanketEnriched with pure cotton, the Safe & Sound Quilted is a cosy electric blanket and comfortable quilted underlay in one. Designed to stay on the bed all-year-round, it provides an extra layer of comfort while protecting the mattress. The two digital controls offer individual comfort on each side of the bed. It also features nine heat settings and three timer settings to automatically switch the blanket off after one, three or 12 hours. It also includes Sunbeam’s exclusive SleepPerfect Technology, guaranteeing maximum comfort all night long.

  • Large Single BL4725, RRP $149.00
  • Double/Queen BL4755, RRP $199.00
  • King BL4775, RRP $249.00

Sunbeam Safe & Sound Waterproof

Sunbeam Safe & Sound Waterproof Electric BlanketMade from a soft polar fleece fabric and featuring a fun, frog-on-a-lily-pad print, the Safe & Sound Waterproof electric blanket keeps children warm and the mattress dry – thanks to its durable waterproof inner membrane. This fully fitted blanket doubles as a mattress protector, preventing spills from soaking through to the mattress, and giving parents peace of mind. It features Sunbeam’s exclusive SleepPerfect Technology, nine heat settings, fast 10 minute heat up and two timer settings which automatically switch the blanket off.

With more families choosing king single beds for older kids and teens, the Sunbeam Safe & Sound Waterproof King Single with plush brown polar fleece fabric provides an alternative to the frog print design.

  • Single BL3321, RRP $129.00
  • King Single BL3331, RRP $149.00

Sunbeam Safe & Sound Fleecy

The luxurious Safe & Sound Fleecy is the ultimate in electric blanket luxury. Made from 100% pure new Australian wool, this cosy electric blanket makes the perfect year round underlay. Sunbeam’s innovative SleepSmart digital control features a unique programmable memory and LCD screen to save favourite settings, automatically switching the electric blanket on and off at your preferred time and heat setting. Other features include 10 heat settings, heat boost button and Sunbeam’s exclusive SleepPerfect Technology.

  • Large Single BL4957, RRP $279.00
  • Double/Queen BL4957, RRP $399.00
  • King, BL4977 RRP $499.00

Sunbeam Safe & Sound Heated Quilt

The innovative Sunbeam Safe & Sound Heated Quilt combines the comfort and convenience of a regular quilt with the cosiness of an electric blanket. Encased in 100% cotton, the quilt provides year-round comfort and is designed to fit inside standard quilt covers. Its microfibre filling is lightweight enough for warmer months, while Sunbeam’s exclusive SleepPerfect Technology provides ultimate warmth on the coldest winter nights.

Featuring a choice of 10 heat settings and three timer options to automatically switch the quilt off after one, three or 12 hours, it comes with two cordless controls so both sides of the quilt can be heated independently to suit individual needs. Each control also features an illuminated LCD screen with clock and handy push buttons for easy fingertip adjustment in the dark.

  • Queen BL4855, RRP $399.00
  • King BL4875, RRP $499.00

Sunbeam Safe & Sound Heated Throw

The Sunbeam Safe & Sound Heated Throw, made from a plush micro fleece fabric, offers the delicious warmth of an electric blanket, where and whenever it’s needed. The unique, flexible heating wire makes it ideal for use on the lounge or armchair and unlike regular electric blankets, it can be used on futons, waterbeds and adjustable beds.

With a fast heat up time of just 10 minutes, Sunbeam’s exclusive SleepPerfect Technology and an illuminated control with nine heat settings, you will wish it was winter all year round.

  • RRP $99.95

Source: Sunbeam