KEF crafts a pair of cans for discerning ears

Those of you who love sound — and we mean really love sound — should know the name KEF, a brand that has provided solid sound solutions since the sixties. Now, the company has a new pair of cans geared at delivering excellent sound without a loss of comfort.

The first headphone from KEF to take the international stage, the M500 aims to provide excellent sound with a level of comfort that makes it suitable for long plane trips.

To get this last part, the headphones feature memory foam in the ear pads to mould the pieces to your ear, while the hinge is multidirectional and helps an aluminium frame match the shape of your head without causing discomfort the way another pair of cans might.

We’re told the design is so impressive, that it’s already won a Red Dot Award, an honour shared with products such as the HP Envy 120, LG’s Z360 Ultrabook, and the Nokia Lumia 820 smartphone.

A neodymium driver and some closed backing help to make the excellent sound possible, with a tuning plate sealed inside the headphones and sitting above the driver helping to make the headphones sound the best the possibly can.

Flat cable is also included to make it hard for the cord to get tangled (though not impossible), with an in-line microphone included here on a remote for if you ever want to take a call when they’re plugged into a phone or computer.

Pricing for KEF’s headphones has been set to $399, with availability at select retailers, and while these won’t be for everyone, if the sound quality is as good as other KEF speakers, we’re expecting these to be pretty top notch.