KEF solidifies soundbars with its specialist sound

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One of the better brands for sound has joined the fight to bring better sound to TVs, as KEF goes beyond big speakers and turns to a smaller audio device made to fit under your telly.

Launching shortly, KEF is bringing its attention to TV sound to Australia as it brings a soundbar aimed at homes interested in quality sound without needing a lot of room and, as you can imagine, a lot of money.

That’s the thing about good sound: it can get expensive, and fast, as the cost of home theatre amplifiers, as well as front, left, right, and rear speakers add up.

Soundbars are beginning to prove themselves as a good alternative for people short on space or keen for an easy fix for their home sound woes, especially as TVs don’t often have the best balance of sound or the greatest speakers around.

KEF seems to think it can add its expertise to the mix here, and thus will be launching a model that will be sold as the soundbar alone, or with a wireless subwoofer if you feel you need it.

Heading to specialist stores shortly, it’s called the V700 and is built for TV screens 47 inches or bigger, with a 53mm depth, and able to bit situated directly under a TV on a home entertainment unit, or even mounted to the wall.

Inside the V700, KEF has provided four 11.5cm bass drivers with two 25mm aluminium tweeters, which KEF says works with its “tangerine” waveguide to provide stronger and more punchy sound, connecting it all with a Class D digital amp.

By itself, the V700 comes in at $1199, but if you need a subwoofer with it, this can be had for an extra $400 ($1599) which packs in a 200W Class D amplifier for the subwoofer alone.