KEF’s eggheads build a like-minded speaker

If you see the named “KEF” on a speaker, you can pretty much rest assured it’s made for sound, though the latest product from the UK sound group isn’t just about audio, but design, too.

The latest speaker from this specialist audio house certainly checks both of those boxes, with an egg design being employed for a pair of speakers that could work next to the TV or even sitting with a computer.


Called the “Egg”, it’s pretty clear what KEF has modelled these after, with KEF’s regular take on high-end audio thrown into this two-piece speaker system, complete with a built-in amplifier and digital-to-analogue converter already inside the unit. Forget about needing to bring your own here, as these are about as plug and play as you get.

The trusty 3.5mm digital optical audio cable is included for devices where a simple jack is needed, but if you want to go USB, you can, too, with the KEF Egg also acting as a 24-bit 96kHz USB sound card up sampling audio and sending it to the speakers when used in this way with a computer.

Alternatively, the KEF Egg is also a Bluetooth speaker, giving you a bit of that modern slice of wireless life, with stereo audio sent via aptX.


The speakers are also technically self-contained, though KEF has said a subwoofer can be brought to the range in case you need a boost of audio in the bottom end.

We’re certainly intrigued by the design, though, and are completely aware that KEF knows a thing or two about audio, producing some of the better headphones and speakers we’ve ever heard.


If these grab you, though, you’ll need to fork up $799 per pair, with the KEF Egg speakers coming in black, white, and blue, available in select stockists across Australia.