Kensington announces new iPad 2 accessories, we look at two of them

If there’s one thing that makes owning an iPad 2 difficult, it’s finding that the majority of accessories out there are designed for the first version. Good thing then that Kensington has released a bunch of new things to suit your shiny new tablet.

Kensington's KeyFolio Pro features a Bluetooth keyboard.

Of the six new products coming to market, five are cases. Of those five, the one that has our attention is the KeyFolio Pro, a $99.95 case that features a Bluetooth keyboard sporting the chiclet keyboard we’ve come to know and love on Apple laptops.

The Kensington BlackBelt protects your iPad for $19.95 RRP.

The remaining cases start from $19.95 and range from simple protection to a folio with a built-in stand.

Not specific to the iPad 2, Kensington briefly showed us its solution (above) for letting customers jot down notes and draw on the iPad with its Touch Stylus with built-in pen.

Kensington has sent us two of the new accessories to play with, as you can see from the unboxing above. From a first glance, the KeyFolio looks to impress us with its very laptop-like keyboard.

  1. I love our family ipad2!  My two and half year old plays with the paintbrush application and can’t go wrong just pushing the keyboard application.  My four year old loves the games.    The new accessories are amazingly affordable and easy to use.  Just a quick wipe of the smeared screen containing a dash of yoghurt and we’re away again.

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