Kensington makes a keyboard for your PC plus something else

Many of us have tablets and computers, and if you’re anything like us, you have different keyboards for each. Kensington, however, would like for you to cut down on the keyboard clutter with a two-in-one keyboard.

When we say “two-in-one”, we’re not saying the keyboard works as a bottle opener, though we’re sure some people would love it if that were the case.

Rather, Kensington’s KP400 is a two-in-one keyboard able to switch from one device to another simply by pressing a couple of buttons, with a control button in the bottom left and the selector happening when you press the “1” key.


When you hold the two buttons down, you will be activating either the USB connection — if you’re plugged into a computer through the conventional USB connection — or the Bluetooth connection — if you want to start typing on a Bluetooth-equipped gadget, say a smartphone or a tablet.

Kensington’s concept is very similar to one Logitech builds which is totally wireless but lets you cycle through a connection to one of three Bluetooth gadgets.

That said, Kensington’s take on that, the KP400, offers the one Bluetooth gadget with one wired computer, which could be idea if you prefer working with a wired keyboard, which some do.


Pricing on this keyboard clocks in at $69.95, and we’re told it should work with any Bluetooth gadget, so you’ll be able to type on your computer and then connect it to your phone if need be.

Next time, though, Kensington might want to consider adding a bottle opener, and make the KP400 a real two-in-one, because who doesn’t want to open up a bottle when you’re sitting down to type. We’ve never had to yet, but if we had the opportunity, we might just change our minds.