Kensington makes your keys, phone, possibly your boyfriend or girlfriend that much harder to lose

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just can’t find your keys, but you know where your phone is? Accessory maker Kensington might have the answer for those days, with the help of a Bluetooth device.

It’s called the Proximo, which unsurprisingly comes from the word “proximity,” a word the uber-technical people might say when they can’t find their keys in their own home.

Proximo will come in two parts, with a fob for your keys and tags for other devices.

Simply pair the fob up with your phone, and Kensington’s Proximo will tell you when you’re going out of range from your device with an alarm. Keychains and other gadgets, backpacks, or possibly a loved one with a pocket will work the same way, except with tags (below on the left), while you can also find your way back to the devices with a map and subtle sound pointing you in the right direction.

“Australians are very attached to their devices and we know that, many times, they’re the first thing you check in the morning and the last at night,” said Kensington Australia’s Sam Goldstein. “Proximo helps keep the devices you’re in love with safe and by your side.”

Proximo’s fob and tags are expected to last up to six months per battery, while the life of each battery can be monitored from the phone app.

At the moment, only iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users can apparently use the Proximo, though Kensington did tell GadgetGuy this week that an Android version of the app was in development.

Meanwhile, you’ll be able to find the Proximo Starter Kit with one fob and one tag in stores from February 25 for $59.95 RRP, while additional tags will hit stores at the same time for $29.95.