Kensington offers more keyboards, styli for lovers of all things “i”

While the tablet has proven itself as a content consumption device, there are many out there using it as a full-on productivity tool, throwing in keyboard accessories to make it closer to a laptop. With those people in mind, Kensington has a few new gadgets for you to take a gander at.

Heading to stores between now and August, Kensington’s new keyboard range is designed for the new iPad and the iPad 2, with many of the accessories gripping the tablet body.

The Kensington KeyFolio Expert is one such product, holding the iPad and including a keyboard in a slimline case. Also available for Android, it’ll sell for $119.95.

iPad users will also find the KeyLite Ultra Slim Touch Keyboard, a thin case aimed at holding both the new iPad and second-gen model with a very thin micro-USB rechargeable keyboard.

If you don’t want a keyboard and prefer to have some of the office with you, there’s the Folio Trio Mobile Workstation (above) aimed at protecting the iPad with a zippered case, pen holders, pockets, and a removable two-ring binder.

“The Australian workplace is in a state of evolution: the traditional, desk-per-employee office model is increasingly becoming a thing of the past,” said Kensington’s Sam Goldstein,. “This latest range of tablet accessories is designed to complement the shift towards activity based workstations and maximise mobility and productivity, be it in the office, the local cafĂ© or on the road.”

Keyboards and iPad cases aren’t the only thing Kensington is pushing with this announcement, with a showing of iPad and iPhone friendly styluses also heading to stores at the end of July.

For the iPad, there’s a rollerball pen with a built in stylus, while the iPhone gets a collapsible stylus (above) that can be easily stored by plugging it into the 30-pin iPod dock on the bottom of the smartphone.

The styluses range from $19.95 to $39.95 and should hit stores by August.