Kenwood folds the mixer, processor into one appliance

As kitchens get smaller, so too does the space we have for putting all our appliances. Fortunately, as manufacturers get better at miniaturisation and design, some of these products are getting a bit of convergence applied to them also.

That’s certainly the case in a home appliance Kenwood has unveiled this week, the “MultiOne”.

This gadget appears to be made for kitchens struggling with the problem of not having enough bench top space for both a food processor and a stand mixer. Even the GadgetGuy kitchen is only so big, and so we choose what goes on our counter-top space very carefully.


Kenwood’s answer to this dilemma, however, is a combination of the two products, providing a stand mixer with four bowl tools — creaming beater for cakes, balloon whisk for meringues, a dough hook for doughs and breads, and the K-beater for getting every part of the bowl — as well as a section up top to plug in a small food processor.

That section is a little unusual for a stand mixer, and you don’t actually have to use it, with the MultiOne existing as a stand mixer if you only need or want it for that purpose.


If, however, you feel like doing some slicing, grating, chopping, or rasping, the small food processor up top takes advantage of stainless steel knife blades to slice and dice and throw it in the bowl.

If you’re making a cake with fresh strawberries, for instance, this combination of parts not only means you would be able to run both sections at the same time, but also save on space for where you’d run them.


Unsurprisingly, you’ll find the Kenwood MultiOne can also technically work as a blender, since food processors and blenders tend to have quite a bit in common.

Worth noting, however, is that this part is an optional extra, and in Australia, only one place will be getting the blender attachment, with a later release of the MultiOne getting it in Harvey Norman stores from November onwards for $499.

But if you can’t wait, you’ll find the blender-less MultiOne in other electric stores now for a recommended retail price of $449.