Kenwood FP920 EON

The Kenwood FP920 EON provides pretty much everything you will ever need in a food processor. Within minutes you can slice, dice, chop, mince, whisk, mix, blend and juice with this machine. Its solid design and easy-to-understand button ensures hassle-free processing.

Setting up

At first, setting up the Kenwood EON looks daunting because it has many parts and attachments. However, it is fairly easy to assemble and the manual provides comprehensive instructions on setting up and how to use the attachments. The manual provides clear diagrams as well as a troubleshooting guide, care instructions and a few recipes. An excellent recipe book is also provided.

The EON is good looking on a kitchen benchtop, too. It has a sexy base that is similar in its look to the amplifier of a mini audio system.


Besides the many attachments that come with the EON, there are also some good features. The separate bowl and liquidiser are great for different processing options. Blend with the liquidiser and prepare food (chopping and milling) in the processing bowl. The bowl and liquidiser have measurements on their sides to measure ingredients while processing. The food pusher doubles as a handy measuring device. It has suction cups to keep it firmly in place and (with a bit of twiddling) the cord stores neatly away within its base. The storage carousel is also handy for keeping the attachments in one place, reducing the risk of loss.


It is hard to fault this machine’s performance and its multitude of attachments ensure any food processing task is achieved. Its eight speeds plus pulse make sure any texture is possible. The liquidiser is perfect for creating well blended fruit smoothies, and the higher speeds give it an extra frothy texture. The citrus press does an excellent job of squeezing all of the juice out of an orange as well as separating its pulp. It has a centrifugal juicer that extracts juice from firmer fruit and vegetables. This did an okay job, however it did tend to get off balance and wobble. This function doesn’t replace a proper juicer but it does an ample job for small juicing needs.

The knife blade chops onions in seconds and the faster speeds are perfect for fine dicing. It is also great for mixing cake batters and the spatula is handy for scraping down the sides of the bowl. There is also a mini processor bowl that fits inside the main bowl to process small amounts like baby food or salad dressing. The separate dough tool also mixes bread dough well.

Slicing, grating and shredding are a cinch with the four different reversible discs. There are two (thick and thin) reversible slicing/shredding discs that work within seconds on food like carrots and cheese while the chipper disc slices potatoes and firmer textured foods. The rasping disc does a good job on grating zucchinis.

The machine also provides a whisk attachment that whips cream and eggs to any texture. And if that isn’t enough, the unit also has a mill that grinds herbs, nuts and coffee beans.

Rinse the food processor immediately after use to prevent food from caking onto difficult to clean areas. The power unit easily wipes down and the brushed metal is surprisingly mark resistant. Hand wash the liquidiser, mill and whisk attachments. The other parts can be washed in the dishwasher. When hand washing watch out for those super sharp blades.


If you are after a food processor that does the lot then this is the machine. It mixes, blends, whisks, mills, chops, shreds, slices and juices. Its powerful 1,000 watt motor and eight speeds ensures any food consistency and its solid and easy-to-use design feels like it will last a long time.

Reviewer: Trina Tune

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Powerful motor, simple to assemble, attachment storage carousel, large variety of attachments, measurements on bowl and liquidizer, pusher doubles as measuring tool, long cord
Many parts to keep track of, machine can wobble when off balance