Keyboard evolution: the Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Laser


Logitech have released a keyboard design that is a significant evolution of the familiar straight keyboard and offers ergonomic comfort, without requiring people to relearn how to type. The new Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Laser features the innovative Logitech Comfort Wave Design that increases keyboard comfort for Mac and PC users who want to do more, more comfortably.

Logitech combined three elements in its new design to enhance comfort without requiring people to change the way they type ? an innovative wave key-frame design, a U-shaped constant curve and a cushioned contoured palm rest. In comparison to ergonomic keyboards, people can use a Wave keyboard immediately ? there is no learning curve.

Variable key height

As fingers naturally vary in length, the new Comfort Wave Design cradles them with a gradual wave-shaped contour regardless of size. The Wave keyboard keys are highest at the A and Enter keys, which are typically hit by the little fingers. Moving inward toward the pointer fingers, the keys decrease in height until reaching the D and K keys, which are typically hit by the longer middle fingers.

The keys move up again in height to accommodate the pointer fingers at the G and H keys.

The maximum distance between the keys? peaks and troughs, the lowest and highest keys, is 4 mm. Because hands and fingers can rest in a more natural position and keys are closer to fingertips, the Wave key frame helps eliminate awkward hand and forearm positions ? enhancing comfort and improving productivity.

A constant curve

The U-shaped constant curve, compared to other curved keyboards, features consistently sized keys that let people type with confidence and comfort. The subtle 5-degree curve allows people?s hands to open up and take a natural position instead of forcing the wrists to bend. Each key is the same size and the same distance from one another, the learning curve is minimal; people can start using the keyboard right away. The space bar, the most frequently hit key, also incorporates the wave and curve design and its increased size makes it easy to hit.

Hand positions

The cushioned, contoured palm rest mirrors the wave-shaped key frame and provides gentle indents that position hands comfortably on the keyboard. With its padded, soft upholstery, the palm rest offers a comfortable place to rest the palms between typing sessions.

Hot keys

To further enhance ease of use, the Comfort Wave Design offers large, convenient hot keys that are easy to see and hit. On both the PC and Mac, with Logitech software installed, hot keys can be mapped to launch folders, web pages, or applications, such as photo galleries and music applications. For Windows Vista users, shortcut keys activate Flip 3D as well as Windows Sidebar and gadgets. Logitech has developed new Vista gadgets: a status indicator for caps lock, num lock and scroll lock; a typing-speed indicator; and an error-rate tracker that calculates the number of times the user hits the backspace key. For Mac users, the default assignment for the Media Center hot key is Front Row.


The Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Laser features a cordless keyboard with the Comfort Wave Design and a cordless laser mouse. The ambidextrous laser mouse is designed to complement the striking curved style and comfort of the Wave keyboard. The mouse also features pixel-precise laser tracking and a comfortable, soft rubber grip. Both mouse and keyboard feature battery indicator lights that alert people when battery power is low, eliminating the hassle of unexpectedly losing power.

Pricing and availability

The Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Laser is available now in Australia for an RRP of $179.

Source: Logitech