KeySmart Pro with Tile minimises lost keys

KeySmart Pro with Tile

Apparently, lost keys are a big thing, and KeySmart Pro with Tile location is out to fix that.

Well, so the people who contributed $1,352,093 to the KeySmart Pro with Tile Kickstarter project thought – the goal was $5,000!

The best way to describe the KeySmart Pro with Tile is a small, polycarbonate folding keyholder like a pocket knife with an inbuilt, rechargeable Tile locator. There is also a micro-USB charge socket, LED flashlight, bottle opener (important), and speaker to play a tune for easier location. And it works both ways – Tile can find a lost paired smartphone too.

KeySmart Pro with Tile

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What is Tile?

Tile is both a Bluetooth tracker (when in range) and accesses an extended ‘family’ when in range of other Tile users.

You can get a standalone Tile tag, or as in this case, the technology is built-in. The Android or iOS smartphone app runs in the background and alerts you if your phone is out of the Tile range (about 150m and takes about three minutes to send an alert) – you will not forget your keys in a hurry again.

The Tile service is free, but it can nag you to go premium at US$29.99 per year adding

  • 30-day location history so you can retrace steps to where you last saw the Tile.
  • Smart Alerts – keys out of range, setting home location, manage multiple Tiles etc
  • Unlimited sharing with friends (via the app)

Tile use in Australia is embryonic but its enough to assume that it works in heavily populace areas like the CBD, Airport or mall – someone will have one. Oh and Tile App works with voice assistants – Where are my damned keys?

KeySmart Pro with Tile in use

You unscrew either end and remove the barrel bolt. KeySmart claim it will hold up to 10 keys, but the 6mm gap is really more for three regular shaped keys per side. There is an expansion pack as well – longer bolts!

KeySmart Pro with Tile

The key ideally needs a circular centre or top hole, or you will have to drill one to make use of the fold-out process. The bottle opener (takes up two key spaces) has a small lanyard hole for a keyring – that is where you will attach irregular shaped car keys, security keys etc.

One thing is for sure – the image below is not realistic!

KeySmart Pro with Tile

We are not sure if it is waterproof, but the covered micro-USB slot seems to indicate it is rainproof.

One advantage may be for arthritis sufferers – the KeySmart offers a larger handle space that a key.

That begs the question: why not just buy a Tile instead?

GadgetGuy’s take: KeySmart Pro with Tile

Handy, does what it says, and Tile tracking is slowly growing to encompass pets, baggage and even cars.

It costs $99.95 from Gear Supply Australia. The expansion kit is $14.95.

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