KHD high definition headphones from AKG

If you’re in the market for a new set of headphones, the attributes you should be looking for are great sound quality, good design and comfort. AKG claims to have delivered on all three elements with its new range of ‘High Definition’ headphones, in the KHD range.

The four wired, professional-quality models cover all the bases from open- or closed-back to on-ear and over-ear, ranging from $249 to $399. The company’s ‘Varimotion’ diaphragm technology – allowing elastic vibration of the diaphragm at the edge but linear motion at its centre – claims to cut down on unwanted resonance, producing a much cleaner sound.

With a flat frequency response over 16Hz-26,000Hz and impedance of 55 ohms, all models come in a distinctive ‘mocha’ colour and offer enough variation to satisfy the most demanding of audio professionals, with the closed-back versions apparently used by DJs, radio and TV broadcasters all over the world.