Kingston Wi-Drive bumps up the capacity of your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

One of the chief complaints from users of the iPad is space: once you buy a model, you’re stuck with the capacity you bought. That could change, however, with the introduction of a new accessory that gives you a wireless flash drive for your iDevice.

Designed specifically for the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, the Kingston Wi-Drive offers a flash drive that can communicate with your iDevice over WiFi. Laptop users can move files to and from the Wi-Drive over a USB cable, with an app available on the AppStore allowing your iDevice to communicate over WiFi with the drive.

“Wi-Drive is an ideal solution for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users who feel confined by their current storage capacity,” said Nathan Su, Flash Memory Sales Director for Kingston in the Asia-Pacific region. “Wi-Drive allows Apple device owners to wirelessly manage document and media files, and choose to share them with others, while on the go for work or pleasure.”

Kingston’s Wi-Drive comes in both 16GB and 32GB sizes, with each retailing for $149.99 and $198.99 respectively.

While we have no idea whether this product will satisfy the need for moving files off of an iDevice easily for backup, we will find out when it comes in for review. If you can’t wait, however, check stores on August 8, because that’s when this thing hits.