Klipsch RoomGroove iPod dock

The RoomGroove sports a retractable iPod cradle (compatible with iPhone too) or you can plug in other MP3 players; is fully remote controllable and will receive audio from the Klipsch CS-700. You can easily add more RoomGrooves around the house (an unlimited number, according to Klipsch) to create a wireless network transmitting audio from the CS-700’s FM/AM tuner or inbuilt CD/DVD player, or a connected PVR or HD set-top box. The CS-700 is also multi-source, capable of delivering audio from two different sources – say radio and CD – to two rooms simultaneously.

You can also transmit audio from RoomGroove to RoomGroove, but not from RoomGroove back to the CS-700. Regarding the former, Klipsch distributor, Powermove, says “If a RoomGroove is transmitting and a second RoomGroove is told to transmit, the second RoomGroove will bump the first RoomGroove by occupying its wireless channel. However, in systems not incorporating a CS-700, two RoomGrooves can transmit simultaneously. To enable this feature, all of the RoomGrooves must be assigned to a home code from 5 to 9. Selecting a home code from 5 to 9 will allow a second RoomGroove to occupy the wireless channel which was previously assigned to the CS-700.

Despite its compactness, the RoomGroove pumps out a solid bass, but things start to distort a little if the volume’s cranked too far. It worked great receiving audio from the CS-700 in the same room, so I tried it in another part of the house, only to find that with around 18 metres between the two, the audio began to break up.

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Retractable iPod cradle, for those who want to plug in other MP3 players
Volume limitations