Klubbo nest of 3 tables

If you thought nest tables went out in the 70s, you?re right. But like all good things from days gone by, they?re making a comeback. When it comes to entertaining, small nest tables are unbeatable. Just ask the person sitting at the end of the couch! You see, when everyone arrives at your place for a video night and all the food is placed on a central coffee table, those not sitting directly in front of it miss out. After all, who wants to keep reaching in front of everyone to get to the snacks? With these Ikea Klubbo nest tables, you can spread the joy around. Compact and versatile, they stack neatly under one another when not in use. The biggest measures 50 cm long by 50 cm wide; the middle table is 45 cm by 45 cm, and the smallest is 40 cm by 40 cm. The steel-underframed tables are stained in a black-brown colour and finished with a clear lacquer. Popcorn, anyone?