Kmart joins the budget Nespresso game with an $89 espresso machine

Nespresso compatible machines are getting less expensive, and Kmart is joining with its own Homemaker brand model, compatible with the patented Nespresso capsule system and grabbing a price tag well under the hundred dollar mark.

Kmart's Nespresso clone retails for $89

Seen at Kmart on the weekend and advertised in its catalogue, Kmart has apparently thrown its own product in the Nespresso instant espresso machine ring, with an appliance that has apparently seen the light of day badged under at least one other brand.

A similar machine sells online with at least one other e-tailer.

Dick Smith has been selling a very similar product marketed under the Prima brand for a few months now, as has e-tailer OO, and a quick look at one of the popular web markets to find machines that can be quickly made to order for companies shows a very similar model.

Kmart's manual, telling customers where to find the coffee pods.

Despite the Kmart product having no connection with Nespresso, Kmart’s Homemaker brand has even added a section in the manual citing how you can obtain capsules from both the store and online Nespresso system.

It’s not the first time a local retailer has introduced a competitor to the Nespresso coffee capsule system, with Kogan joining last year with its own solution that is also compatible with the Nespresso capsules.

Even with that product, we’ve found an identical solution available on a global product branding marketplace, which is more than likely when e-tailer Kogan is grabbing supply from.

Kogan's Nespresso pod system on both Kogan's site (top) and the source in China (bottom).

While we haven’t tested either the Kmart or Kogan coffee products, it’s worth noting that just because the equipment sounds similar, it doesn’t mean the result will be the same.

The machines may share the same Nespresso pod compatibility, but the quality of coffee created from the capsules isn’t guaranteed to be the same with third-party machines, similar to how TVs that use Samsung or LG panels may not produce the same picture quality as TVs actually produced by those companies.