Kodak SDHC Video Memory Card

Lexar Media, in conjunction with Kodak, today introduced the new Kodak SDHC Video Memory Card. This advanced compact memory card provides users of flash-based digital camcorders, point-and-shoot cameras and any SDHC-compatible devices with a high-performance, high-capacity solution for High Definition video capture.

Available in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB capacities with the ability to record up to 90 minutes, 3 hours, and 6 hours of HD video content, respectively, the Kodak SDHC Video Memory Card provides a high-capacity solution for capturing HD-quality video using SDHC-compatible digital cameras and other devices, which have been increasingly popular for use with video-sharing sites.

Thanks to these large-capacity storage options, consumers no longer have to lug around a pocketful of cards in order to avoid sacrificing either the amount of video footage they wish to capture or its image quality. The SDHC Video Memory Card from Kodak offers the freedom and flexibility to capture and store more high-quality video content on a single card.

The Kodak SDHC Video Memory Card lets you maximise the storage capabilities of a wide range of digital devices and is ideal for use with Flash-based digital compact camcorders, digital point-and-shoot cameras, other SDHC-compatible digital devices and videocameras such as the Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera. Compatible with both digital camcorders and cameras, the cards provide a convenient, affordable way to increase onboard memory and capacity for HD video capture, storage and archiving.

Media capacity and performance

The Kodak SDHC Video Memory Card has a Class 4 rating, offering high-speed video transfer from the card to a computer, making this an excellent solution for storing large quantities of HD video on a single card.

Pricing and availability

The Kodak SDHC Video Memory Cards include a 5-year limited warranty and are available now.

The suggested local retail prices are:

  • Kodak SDHC Video Memory Card 4GB – $25.60
  • Kodak SDHC Video Memory Card 8GB – $58.35
  • Kodak SDHC Video Memory Card 16GB – $75.70