Kogan adds an “evolution kit” of sorts to TVs

Some TVs have the ability to upgrade their insides to be faster and better, but not everyone has a Samsung with this feature. For everyone else, this upgrade pack doesn’t exist, though Aussie e-tailer Kogan has a potential fix.

It comes in the form of a USB dongle that serves as an Android-powered way to turn any television into a Smart TV, providing support for YouTube, Skype, and Google Play, among others, and comes with a wireless mouse designed to work from up to 10 metres away.

The dongle doesn’t have the most imaginative name, called the “Agora Smart TV Quad Core HDMI Dongle” and more or less stating precisely what it is, even to the fact that it includes a quad-core processor.

That said, getting it to work should be pretty easy, with the HDMI end of the dongle going into your TV and the microUSB port where you plug power in, with the spare USB port for accessories, and other features such as 8GB internal storage and WiFi built in.

Kogan’s shortcut to a smart TV should be compatible with any TV, even those which are already smart, and will be available online from Kogan for $99.