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Kogan claims “Stunning clarity and rapid performance. Stream your favourite shows and films, and view photos and browse the internet in greater detail thanks to Intel HD Graphics 500. The Kogan Atlas 13.3” C300 Convertible Notebook offers an immersive, Full HD experience that you will simply fall in love with.”

Graphics Processor

It has Intel HD Graphics 500 with a base frequency of 200Mhz. It uses shared system memory (about 1GB of the 4GB system memory).

It supports mini-HDMI out at 1080p (higher resolutions require more system memory), DirectX 12 and hardware video decoding of HEVC H-265 or earlier.

Performance is only in the low-end segment and is not sufficient for modern games. In a RallyCross benchmark, it achieves 5.6 frames per second at 1080p. Older and simpler titles like Counter-Strike: GO, or Diablo 3 will run adequately.


It is a 13.3” IPS 1920 x 1080 screen – the colour gamut and sharpness depend on the panel manufacturer. If it is one of the current ODM offerings is will have a limited horizontal viewing angle, a warm white cast and low sRGB. It is a 10-point touch screen – the minimum required for Windows Ink support.


There is no mention of the keyboard type, throw distance or actuation force. The ODM’s all use a low-cost membrane (versus the more durable Chiclet), 1-1.2mm throw and an actuation force of 100g. This is nowhere near the perfect 2mm throw and 45-65g actuation force.

Having used this style of keyboard before keyboard flex (pressing one key means the others flex as well) will be noticeable. It is not a typist keyboard.

A stylus is provided, but there is no information on type or resolution. It is micro-USB chargeable (active).

The touchpad appears largish, but we don’t know if it supports two or more finger gestures.

Ports and connectivity

The Intel processor supports the configuration’s 1 x USB-A 2.0 (max 60MB/s) and 1 x USB3.0 (max 640MB/s). USB typically achieves less than half the rated speed, and I would be surprised if they achieved even that.

Intel AC 3165 (around since mid-2014) supports Wi-Fi AC dual band, 1 x 1 Antenna (no MIMO) to a maximum speed of 433 Mbps. In theory, this supports 54MB/s transfer rates, but in practice, it is 5-10MB/s. It also has Bluetooth 4.2.


Kogan advertises a “Durable, sleek premium metal body design”. The ODM’s all provide a metallic finish plastic chassis. The 360° design puts more pressure on the hinges and chassis.

It is 320 x 211 x 15.8mm and 1.56kg –  – let’s hope there is at least a metal frame there.


There are two down-firing speakers in the base. There is no mention of watts RMS, maximum dB (volume) and THD (distortion). Given the slim design, it is unlikely that they provide any bass and favour voice (upper mid and treble).


Front facing 2.0MP will do video conferencing at 720p/30fps but not much more. It does not have Windows Hello or biometric login.