Kogan calls on Aussies to change their smartphone ringtones on July 31

How many people use the same smartphone ringtone? That’s the question Kogan’s CEO is asking, with an idea that everyone should change their ringtone with a new national day.

According to a survey of 11,000 people, one of our most common and shared pet peeves is the sound of a ringtone, and how familiar it all is.

How many people use the iPhone’s marimba sound? Or that blues riff?

And those of you with Samsung Galaxy smartphones, you’re not exempt, what with all those whistles we keep hearing.

Based on Kogan’s survey, it turns out that 1 in 3 of us are doing the same thing and not changing our ringtones to something more personal, not like we used to before smartphones were popular and the mono- and polyphonic tones were big deals.

“The digital world has opened up so many choices for individuals – in devices, tones, music, images and a whole variety of preferences,” said Ruslan Kogan, CEO and Founder of Kogan.

“There has never been a time when so many choices were available to so many people, yet over a third of us put up with the default settings of device manufacturers.”

The solution for Kogan is to call July 31 “Change Your Ringtone Day,” and encourage people across the country to take the time to see what their phones are screaming out when there’s a message or phone call and make a change.

“If you’re one of those nearly 40% who have kept your default ringtone, today we urge you to change it, for your own sake and that of your friends, family, and colleagues,” added Kogan.

Remember, there’s always the possibility of changing it to vibration, making it so that you’re the only one who feels precisely when you get a message.

Or there’s always that old chestnut the Crazy Frog, though we’re not responsible for whatever damage your friends do to you if you choose that.