Kogan compares itself to GoPro, but is what’s on offer really comparable?

We’re always up for a good comparison, and being techies, take pride in knowing what we know, so is Kogan’s announcement of an action camera really proof that the Aussie e-tailer is taking on GoPro, or is it a poorer cousin?

Kogan sent us a message this week that it would be releasing an action camera shortly, a new model called the Kogan Action Camera 3+ Black Edition that looks to be replacing Kogan’s previous “Full HD Action Camera Black Edition” if only because the specs are shared.

While we’re not quite sure what makes the “Black Edition” of Kogan’s camera different from say a not-so-black edition, the entry level pricing of $159 could be good for people keen to see what an action camera is like to use, and could even give GoPro’s equivalent — the Hero — a run for its money, especially since like that model there’s support for 1080p at 30fps, 720p at 60fps, a wide lens, and a waterproof housing — as well as screen, something the Hero lacks.

“We believe the newest Kogan Action Camera provides a serious alternative to the GoPro for Australian consumers,” said Russell Proud, Product Manager at Kogan.

“We’ve designed and built an action camera for the everyday consumer that gives them everything they need at under $160. With this product release, we’re hoping to help more Aussies capture their fast-paced, action-packed lives, without breaking the bank.”

It’s always good to see more companies provide different options for consumers, and just like when Toshiba entered action cameras last week with a Camileo, we’re pleased to see something new from another company.

But our attention was piqued when Kogan compared its 3+ Black to GoPro’s Hero 3+ Silver, a model that sits in a different price bracket and looks suited more for the enthusiast already experienced with action cameras.

In fact, Kogan points out the difference in a handy table the company sent out to us, which it shows a version of on its website.

We asked Kogan about why it chose to compare its Action Camera with the mid-to-high-end GoPro Hero 3+ Silver and not the lower end GoPro Hero which retails for $169, and were told that “the feature set of the camera is on par with the GoPro Silver 3+, not the GoPro Hero,” with Kogan’s representative adding that the company is “offering the best features we can for the customer at the lowest price point.”

But we’re not so sure the comparison is valid, especially on the back of the recent GoPro announcements.

One feature that Kogan’s chart misses out on is WiFi support, which the GoPro model works with and allows a smartphone or tablet to control it remotely, a feature that is conveniently missed out on the above chart and which would leave an “X” next to Kogan’s model. Other bits and bobs that make this comparison harder include support for more than just 720p or 1080p, working with 960p as well, and even offering a time lapse mode.

Kogan’s model does offer some neat additions, that said, such as a laser pointer built in and motion-triggered recording, but it doesn’t seem like the cameras are made to compete, at least not from the camera specifications.

Given the specs and features, Kogan should probably compare its new camera to GoPro's "Hero" camera.

In fact, it feels more like Kogan should be comparing its Action Camera 3+ Silver to GoPro’s new Hero model (above), since the Hero offers similar recording functionality, albeit without a screen on the back like the Kogan version.

As for image quality comparison, that remains to be seen, but certainly looking at the specs and included accessories, Kogan should be comparing its products a little more clearly, at least for the benefit of its customers.