Kogan crafts an iPad dock for $249

We’ve all seen the odd iPod dock, but when it comes to docking Apple’s tablet, there aren’t many options. Australian e-tailer Kogan hopes to help out in this department, with the announcement of a new dock designed for the iPad.

The new iPad dock from Kogan – called the “Kogan Stereo Entertainment System – with iPad Dock – aims to act as a large speaker media player system taking input from either the iPod docking connector or a 3.5mm input jack. Apple’s iPad isn’t the only device the dock can take, with both the iPhone and iPod Touch able to be plugged in and used here.

Like other docks, this one will charge your iDevice while still sending out audio through the speakers. Video can also be sent out to another device, with the Kogan iPad dock supporting both RCA and video out.

Two 20W speakers are used in the system, with a remote included in the package for wireless control.

An app will also be made available in the near future from Kogan, allowing your iPhone or iPad to tune into local radio stations, as well as connect to over 15,000 Internet radio stations.

At the moment, the Kogan Entertainment System with iPad Dock fetches a $199 price, but that will increase as the product nears its expected release date of May 1, where the price will be $249 going forward.