Kogan is a spammer – you picked the wrong person to spam

Kogan is a spammer

I like to keep my work inbox clear for important emails. So, I objected when Kogan started spamming me, especially as I would never buy from known grey market/parallel importer. And I always use a Gmail address, not my work email for junk mail.

It all started on Sunday 14 May when Kogan sent to my work email a “Congratulations for signing up to Kogan.com – Amazing deals start now”.


I immediately hit unsubscribe. And then sent it, as you do with unwelcome junk, to report@submit.spam.acma.gov.au. I recommend you put that email address on your speed-dial!

Not satisfied I also sent the following email to Kogan, well why not!

Dear Sir or Madam

I have never signed up for Kogan and I never will. I consider this a gross invasion of my privacy and have reported this unwelcome spam email to the ACMA.

Naturally, I wish to raise a formal complaint with Kogan and expect a full apology along with an explanation of where my email address was sourced from and what information you hold on me.

Low and behold, I kept receiving Kogan emails and kept reporting them to the ACMA.

Kogan then sent an unsubscribe acknowledgement. But they had not answered my questions. “Where did the email address come from and what information did they hold on me?”

Well, despite five further emails it cannot, sorry, will not answer the two simple questions.

As you have not made an account, we have no information apart from the name and email that was placed within the ‘Join Newsletter’ box as per the screenshot in my earlier email.

We do not subscribe customer’s emails to our newsletter within this section unless requested from the customer directly, and I can see we have not been contacted by yourself whatsoever apart from this thread, therefore I am unsure who has done this with your email.

It might be an idea to look into if someone may have done this on your behalf for some reason. Sorry, we cannot help further in regards to this.

To claim someone else has enrolled me is patent rubbish.

Under clause 6 of its privacy policy, I have asked for access to my personal information in the customer account database, or seek correction of it. Refused.

Kogan is the highest recipient of Fair-Trading NSW complaints.

We reported on rampant customer dissatisfaction back in February.

Kogan has had 17/21/26 complaints in March/April/May 2020.

However, the focus over the past three months is on the masses of complaints against travel operators. Like Fight Centre, Qantas, Jetstar, Webjet, Luxury Escapes Travel, Top Deck Travel and Trip A Deal for not refunding due to COVID.

And Trustpilot is full of about 1000 new bad reports. A new one is an apparent deception to get $99 out of you by offering free membership for 5-days. It is a ‘well-designed trap’ taking money out of your mandatory credit card guarantee.


Oh, Kogan, you have done it again, and again, and again and now again.

Remember, there are only seven deadly sins, and you have probably used six!