Kogan offers up a cheap slice of Ice Cream Sandwich

Interested in jumping on the tablet bandwagon but not keen to spend the hundreds of dollars it currently costs? Australian eTailer Kogan has you covered with a new tablet bundling both the latest Android operating system and a cheap price tag.

Just announced, the latest incarnation of Kogan’s Agora tablet offers up a 10 inch screen, 2 megapixel rear camera, HDMI output, and an 8 hour battery life for under $200.

“We’ve been working hard to bring the latest technology to everyone, not just those who can afford $800 for a gadget,” said Kogan’s owner and founder, Ruslan Kogan. “While the new iPad is no doubt resolutionary, it does come with a comparatively hefty price tag. It’s also a closed system which which limits functionality. Our tablets gives people freedom through USB and microSD inputs.

“We want people to be able to experience a portable, powerful tablet and use the latest software for a fraction of the cost.”

While the specs aren’t exactly on par with the new tablets coming from manufacturers, they’re fairly well matched when it comes to bang for your buck, offering up a 1.2GHz A8 processor, up to 16GB internal storage, microSD slot, 1GB RAM, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Google Android 4.o “Ice Cream Sandwich”, and a 1024×768 resolution similar to the iPad 2.

All up, the package feels like an updated version of last year’s Agora tablet, and while you probably won’t find a metal chassis in this design, you will find a budget price, with the 8GB model going for $179 and the 16GB for $199 from June 25.