Kogan switches on to 4G early(ish)

If you’re a Kogan mobile customer with a 4G phone, it’s very possible you woke up to a bit of a surprise this week. Congratulations, you’ve joined the modern era.

Yes, Kogan has made the leap over to 4G, flipping the switch and jumping to higher speeds, leaving the world of 3G and its sub-15Mbps speeds behind.

While Kogan was anticipating a launch date by June, the e-tailer has this week said that 4G is ready at least a week earlier than expected, and has pushed the buttons to make its service faster just like that.

“We promised our customers 4G connectivity was coming by June this year,” said David Shafer, Executive Director of Kogan.com, adding that “we have delivered on that promise and we have delivered it ahead of schedule.”

From this week, Kogan’s use of Vodafone’s 4G network has switched on, providing 4G speeds to people with 4G devices, and pretty much the limit of what the 3G network can do to people with older 3G devices.

To celebrate that launch, Kogan has also updated its plans, keeping the 1GB (1XL), 3GB (3XL), and 5GB (5XL) plans, but adding a whopping 11GB (11XL) prepaid plan per month, providing 11GB monthly data for either $49.95 for 30 days, $129.95 for 90 days, or $499.95 for a full year.


If data isn’t the big deal to you that others might make it out to be, you’ll find the 11GB plan is just like the other plans for Kogan Mobile, delivering unlimited standard national calls and text in Australia, with the main point of difference between the plans being monthly data allowance and price.

“Kogan Mobile has made 4G more accessible for Aussie consumers, at affordable prices that won’t break the bank,” said Shafer. “New and existing Kogan Mobile customers now have more options than ever to choose the Plan that works best for them.”

While Shafer may be onto something with the comment on making 4G more accessible and affordable, it does need to be noted that Kogan’s 4G plans are just the cost of the service without the cost of a device.

For that, we suspect Kogan would suggest buying a phone outright from its online store, which is very different from what the other telcos offer with monthly handset repayments.