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External drives rarely tend to be that thing you leave out to let people see them, usually so utilitarian and basic that they’re packed behind the computer or nearby, but with LaCie’s 2016 range, you might want to change your arrangement.

In 2016, LaCie’s take on external storage is one comprised of shiny things, as LaCie’s Neil Poulton takes his design skills to one product and car manufacturer Porsche brings its hardware understanding to a few more.

Porsche’s drives are easier to get your head around, though, so we’ll start there, with the car-maker working with the Seagate-owned LaCie to craft drives made from aluminium enclosures that look sleek, simple, and echo an industrial design you’d expect out of a car manufacturer.

Important to these drives is the casing, which Porsche Design has made to be totally metal, with not a skerrick of plastic found here and a body that is quite literally solid aluminium. This design makes for a scratch-resistant drive, and even dissipates heat if it warms up from all that use.


Two styles of drive will be made available in this design, with a slim-line LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive being made in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB capacities, while a larger and thicker Desktop Drive will arrive in 4TB, 5TB, and 8TB capacities.

And these will arrive with one significant change for LaCie: USB 3.1.


The larger option — the desktop drive — will arrive in capacities of 4, 5, and 8TB.

Yes, this is the first time a LaCie drive has incorporated the new USB Type C port type, meaning if you have a new computer with the slimmer Type C port — like say the super-slim Apple MacBook — this is an external drive that will work natively.

If you don’t have a USB Type C port on your machine — like most computers out there — LaCie has said that a standard USB 3.0 cable will be included in the box to accomodate.


“We are excited to continue our collaboration with Porsche Design Group, one of the most well respected sports and luxury-lifestyle groups,” said Lance Ohara, Senior Director of Product Lifecycle Management for LaCie.

“With the LaCie Porsche Design Drives, we are bringing the latest USB-C technology to our customers with a product that is superior in both form and function.”

Expect the desktop (bottom) and mobile (middle) drives first, though LaCie's Aussie PR hasn't said when the slim (top) will arrive locally.

Expect the desktop (bottom) and mobile (middle) drives first, though LaCie’s Aussie PR hasn’t said when the slim (top) will arrive locally.

LaCie’s Porsche drives are one of two computer products being shown at CES, and while the other is a hard drive, it’s a little different again.