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Guess what? Christmas is on Monday. Have you completed your shopping? Or are you at a loss.

Look, if the person is important, it’s time to loosen the purse strings a little and prioritise availability, not necessarily value for money. So peruse this little list, and we reckon you’ll find something that’ll suit. Or at least something that will inspire your own new ideas.

Lego Boost – $249.99

Let’s face it, he’s a boy at heart. Or she’s a girl at heart. Or perhaps, there’s that nephew or niece that has slipped your mind – until now! – who really is still a child. Either way, Lego is always an ideal gift for the creative youngster – or young feeling oldster – in your life.

And especially Lego Boost. Because not only do you build great things with it, those things can do things. Using the Boost app, you can even program the things that they do.

Or, rather, the person you’re buying it for can.

Check out the Gadget Guy review here.

Cygnett Qi charger – $79.95 or $89.95

Does he or she have an iPhone 8 or iPhone X? You know that Apple finally introduced wireless charging. Well, a great add on for his or her new iPhone is wireless charger from Cygnet. It supports the Qi standard used by iPhones, as well as many high end Android phones.

Cygnett has two versions available. The cheaper one is for regular desktop use, while there’s an in-car model. Either way, we must say that we’ve become quite addicted to the convenience of plonking our phone down on a flat charger, rather than fiddling with a cable connector.

Read about the two Cygnett Qi chargers here.

Apple accessories

The great thing about Apple products is that if you can make it to an Apple store, you can get it there and then. Or if not, there are lots of other retailers. Last minute? Who cares. Go get it and wrap it up.

It need not even be a four thousand dollar Mac, or a $1500 iPhone. There are zillions of accessories available to go with all Apple products. Phone cover? Wireless keyboard? Portable hard disk drive for backing up their precious data? If your loved one has an Apple, you’ll find at least a stocking filler in the store.

Sony Extra Bass SRS-XB40 – $299