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We’re not quite sure why Sony keeps labelling its portable and semi-portable speakers with the “Extra Bass” moniker. Forget about the name, in our experience they deliver pretty much the right amount of bass. The “Extra” is simply a circuit that boosts things (and we didn’t actually like that “Extra” very much at all).

So encourage your loved one to leave that switch off and enjoy what our reviewer noted is a speaker with “staying power”. It’s IPX5 splash proof rated, supports Bluetooth and pairs easily via NFC, and he or she can join two together for a stereo pair, or up to ten for a party throughout the whole house.

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Doro 6520 phone – $119

How about grandma? She may not be into high tech, but she’ll likely enjoy a new phone specifically designed for easy of use by seniors. The Doro 6520 has a large colour screen, well spaced backlit keys, and has a small number of useful apps.

With its clamshell design, it’s safe to rattle around in a hand bag. Importantly, the phone is compatible with hearing aids, and there is an “assistance” key to summon help.

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Bose QuietComfort 35 II noise cancelling headphones – $499.95

Bose cut its noise cancelling chops with headsets for US fighter pilots, so it knows what it’s doing with this technology. Its revised version of the QuietComfort 35 headphones offer two levels of noise reduction, with the higher level being the most impressive we’ve ever experienced.

Of course, they can work (without noise reduction) when the battery is flat, fed by means of the supplied cable. And as with other Bose headphones, they deliver impressively high quality sound.

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LG MusicFlow SJ8 Wireless Sound Bar – $1099

Sound bars are great. They make a TV sound ever so much better with the minimum of fuss. We were particularly impressed with the LG MusicFlow SJ8 sound bar for a number of reasons. First, it sounded pretty good. Second, it comes with a wireless subwoofer so you aren’t short changed for bass. Third, it also works with Bluetooth so you can send music to it from your phone.

And, fourth, it connects to your home WiFi network. So you can pipe music wirelessly to it, have it work with Spotify connect, and, if you get more LG MusicFlow components, make it part of a multiroom sound system.

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