Last minute gifting: when an “I O U” will suffice

As we approach the last few days before Christmas, you may be left scrambling, looking for the perfect gift while everyone else is doing the same. That means lines, crowds, and a general mess that nobody wants to wade through. So consider giving three letters: I O U.

When the presents are unwrapped, pull the person aside and say that you tried desperately to find something, but time – and stock – just ran out.

So you owe them, and to remedy this, you’re going to hit the post-Christmas sales.

Retailers have been known to cut prices anywhere between 10 and 50 percent during the sales, and we’ve even heard that this year, stores could see higher cuts in an attempt to bring customers back to brick and mortar.

To help soften the blow of a giftless Christmas, consider grabbing a small gift card for a local electronics store, iTunes, or something else you see them using.