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Bad news I’m afraid: there are only four days until Xmas. Okay, it might be good news for some. Little kids, for example, who are looking forward to Santa’s leavings. Or the rare grownup who completes their Christmas shopping early. But with the big day looming and with your obligations to several people in your life remaining unfulfilled, perhaps panic is setting in.

We here at Gadget Guy are here to help. There are two ways of attacking this problem, and both involve loosening your standards. One way is to just spend whatever it takes, sacrificing money for love. The other way is to find something, anything, even if it’s cheap, so that there’s something under the Xmas tree come Sunday.

So, let us make some suggestions for both.

Spare No Expense – Oral-B GENIUS electric toothbrush – $369

A toothbrush? Spare no expense? Christmas? Somehow these things don’t seem to go together.

But they do. Look again at that price! Look again at the name! “GENIUS”!

This toothbrush employs “Position Detection Technology” to ensure that everything in there gets properly cleaned. The device packs “built-in sensors” which are “tracked via a smartphone”. Yes, there’s an app for that. Both iOS and Android, naturally.

The head oscillates, rotates and pulsates, while “Triple Pressure Sensor Technology” protects from over aggressive brushing. Plus you get twelve days of brushing per charge and a nifty travel case with USB charging.

Rush into The Shaver Shop now to get one. They’ll be more broadly available from the start of next year.

Budget – Kogan Boxing Day Sale – various prices

Look, if you wanted to buy online, chances are you aren’t going to get delivery in time now. But, hey, you can always put a note under the Xmas tree explaining that the gift will be coming Monday – oh, no, that’s a holiday. Um, Tuesday? That too. Okay, by Wednesday. Or soon afterwards.

Kogan is online only and specialises in budget stuff, from TVs to beauty products, and has “jumped the gun” as it says with a Boxing Day Sale starting today. Over 400 items at better than half price.

Read about it here.

Spare No Expense – Motorola Moto Z smart phone – $999

I’ve been agonising over this, and it may only be because it’s the last one I’ve used, but my favourite Android phone at the moment is the Motorola Moto Z.