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It’s so wonderfully slim. It has such a great screen. It delivers such excellent performance. It provides such an effective fingerprint unlock. It includes such a generous allocation of storage (64GB, expandable via microSD to 2TB). Ah, wonderful.

And best yet, you can magnetically snap on a battery expansion, or a nifty loudspeaker, or a screen projector or even a 10x optical zoom Hasselblad camera.

And do you know what’s especially cool? When his or her birthday rolls around, you can buy one of those “Moto Mods” for that too!

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Budget – Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear earphones – $169.95 (and down for other Sennheiser earbuds)

Look, we know that these particular ones aren’t cheap. We recommend them because we love their sound. But you can buy earbuds from $5 and up. So pick your own price level. And remember, the Momentum model is the peak of Sennheiser-brand earbuds. There are plenty of others which still carry the high reputation bestowed by the Sennheiser brand, but at a much lower price.

But do make sure that they are earbuds – whether from Sennheiser or someone else – with soft silicon tips. They make great replacements for the earbuds supplied with Apple products, with their hard, uncomfortable, earpieces.

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Spare No Expense – HP Spectre 13 notebook computer – $2399

Strange things are happening in the high tech world. People write articles about revised Apple products in which the tone is “meh”. And people are instead getting excited about … the dreaded Windows. Or, at least, some of the products running it.

You will find nothing more gorgeous than the HP Spectre 13 notebook computer – even from Apple. Even though it runs on Windows.

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Budget – Virtual Reality with Kaiser Baas – $49

Virtual Reality is a very strange thing. It is the big thing of the future. It was the stuff of science fiction only a decade or two ago. It requires enormous amounts of computing power.

Yet you can get into it for just $49 with the VR-X headset from Kaiser Baas.