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So how do they pull that off? Basically, by leaving all the hard stuff where it belongs: into the computer that is your smart phone. The headset has optics that divide the screen in two and allow your eyes to individually focus on their half of the screen, creating the moving 3D image that is the essense of VR.

Can you think of a more advanced gift at a lower price than this? We can’t.

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Spare No Expense – Gramovox Floating Record Player – $669

We can’t help ourselves. We keep mentioning it, but the Gramovox Floating Record Player seems to one of those things that just suits the concept of gift giving brilliantly. One doesn’t have to be a techie to enjoy it. It’ll work with just about any stereo system, or even without if you can cope with the ho-hum sound quality of the built in speakers.

And it looks almost unbearably cool.

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Budget – Netflix gift card – $20, $30 or $50

Does your loved one have a Netflix subscription? Then problem solved! You can give one or more Netflix gift cards, tailored to your budget. Netflix is now better value with the ability to download many of its programs to portable Android and iOS devices for viewing, even when on the move.

And make a recommendation with your gift from the host of new programming available on the platform. I’d suggest “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency”.

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Budget – Alcatel Boost DEX smart phone – $79.95

This one might be best for a younger member of your family, someone who has yet to experience the joys of smart phone ownership, and is likely to destroy a few before mastering the art of holding it securely. You’d be hard put to find a phone more economical than this.

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A bit of both – Apple store – various prices