Apple Maps update adds cycling directions to Australia, Street View adds ferry journey

Apple Maps update cycling
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If you love ferries and cycling, the latest updates to Apple Maps and Google Street View are an absolute treat. Detailed directions for cyclists across the country have been added to Apple’s navigation app locally, and you can now take a virtual tour of Sydney’s iconic ferries via Street View.

Both sets of updates have their benefits: Google’s update adds an element of whimsy to perusing its map, while Apple’s significantly increases its app’s practicality.

Apple Maps update adds many welcome cycling features

After years of availability overseas, turn-by-turn cycling directions are now available via Apple Maps in Australia. Understandably, geographical challenges delayed its implementation here, but the wait seems worth it when you see how comprehensive the new navigation features are.

As part of the added cycling directions, you can preview elevation and traffic in real-time so you can take the best route for you. No hills if your legs aren’t up to it! Plus, you can get voice directions so you can focus on riding and staying safe, which includes dismount notifications ahead of intersections. Even additional planning factors such as restrooms and bike repair shops along your route come included, which is pretty comprehensive.

If you use an Apple Watch, many of Maps’ cycling features seamlessly carry over, including advice about whether a route includes bike paths or is on a main road. Plus, there’s the pre-existing integration for recording workouts in addition to Fall Detection in case you have an accident.

Apple Maps update MCG nighttime mode
The MCG as seen in Apple Maps’ new nighttime mode

Non-cyclists also benefit from the latest Apple Maps update, too. As part of this, Apple added a new Melbourne and Sydney city experience to the app, which includes augmented reality walking directions and custom-designed landmarks like the MCG and Sydney Harbour Bridge. More navigation details are available via Apple Maps in the two cities, including clear details of road markings, turning lanes and crosswalks. Additionally, drivers can access a road-level view in Maps when approaching complex interchanges to help them get in the best lane for the target destination. A new cosmetic feature also activates a nighttime mode at dusk, which looks quite snazzy.

Ride a Sydney ferry in Google Street View

Ever since its inception, Street View has offered plenty of entertainment: sometimes intentionally, other times unintentionally. On this occasion, the joy stems from the former category. In a partnership with Transport for New South Wales and Transdev, Google recently launched a special Street View collection where you get a 360-degree view from a Sydney ferry cruising along the harbour.

Google Street View Sydney ferry
A beautiful day on the Sydney harbour as seen on Street View. Source: Google Australia

Captured on the Manly and Taronga Zoo ferry services, alongside a virtual tour of docked ferries at Circular Quay, you can navigate Sydney’s iconic harbour from wherever you are in the world. Available on both desktop and mobile devices, the custom Street View experience is handy for planning a trip or taking in the stunning view.

Whether you want a better cycling experience or to simply enjoy a unique Sydney experience, the recent Apple Maps and Google Street View are cool additions worth checking out.

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