Lavazza brings espresso pods to your car

Encapsulated coffee is big these days, just ask Nespresso and Lavazza, which do some serious business making coffee pods and coffee pod machines, but what if you want to take this style of coffee out of your home?

For that, Lavazza has been working on a concept that makes it possible to make a cup of coffee in your car, creating a portable espresso machine that works with the cigarette lighter every car has.

Called the EspressGo, it’s a pod-based espresso maker that sits in a device that looks a lot like a thermos, but packs in the technology to take advantage of Lavazza’s encapsulated coffee system, powered by the 12 volt cigarette lighter, and able to turn one pod into one cup of coffee with water, a filter, and a few minutes of your time.

The EspressGo has already picked up an award overseas with Germany’s Coffee Innovation Award, but it is hitting stores in Australia shortly for coffee lovers to take their obsession on the road and into their cars.

As such, you’ll be able to find it in stores for $199 soon enough, and while it uses the Lavazza flatter coffee pod system, there’s no word yet from Nespresso on whether it plans to follow suit with a similar product that allows to use Nespresso pods in the car.